Office365 – Do you use it to its full potential?

by Feb 24, 2020Business Advice, Cloud Computing, Intranet Development

Microsoft Office365 has proven to be a great cloud offering by Microsoft with many organisations taking advantage of its ease of use and full suite of Office software.

Everyone uses it for email, especially with its ease of use on all devices from desktop to mobile. Its reliable and familiar and to be honest, just works.

But that’s about where it stops for most organisations. Some use One Drive and even fewer use SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

I explain to my customers, you are paying for the licences, why not use the products on offer to allow better collaboration and efficiency.

I’m going to use this blog post to explain some of the additional products offered in a standard Office365 licence. You might read this and find a use for it in your organisation. Webcom Solutions, with over 6 years experience in configuring and supporting Office365 is here for advice or help.

Exchange Online

Webcom Solutions - Microsoft Exchange Online -Office365 SpecialistsJust good old-fashioned email, Exchange Online is an online hosted messaging solution. Or just basically, a cloud version of an email server. It gives you access to email, a calendar, contact database and tasks from any device, be it desktop, a bowser or mobile device. Buy an Office365 licence, and you’ll be using it.

One Drive

Webcom Solutions - Microsoft One Drive -Office365 SpecialistsThe Microsoft version of DropBox, however it integrates tightly with Exchange Online and other Office365 applications. OneDrive allows you to store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. In the old days, you used to back up your computer to a portable Hard Disk Drive, now, just install and configure OneDrive and any document you work on is saved in the cloud and versioned, so you can go back in time and view old edits or versions.


Webcom Solutions - Microsoft SharePoint -Office365 SpecialistsIntranets were once the abode of large enterprises. Used as collaboration and informational portals for staff in the business. SharePoint in broad terms is an Intranet. A central place for data and information for your business. Many small businesses now see the need for an Intranet. It’s a secure place to store data that can be accessed from any device. It can also be used to control access to information and using Microsoft Flow, automate processes in your business. At the moment the team from Webcom is working on a project that is using SharePoint to digitise production documentation for a large coffee roasting company.

Microsoft Teams

Webcom Solutions - Microsoft Teams -Office365 SpecialistsMicrosoft Teams is a collaboration application that enable your staff to communicate and have conversations. Whether they be via a discussion forum, video conferencing or even email. In one application you can get a group of people together to work on a project and all documents, conversations and meeting are stored in the one place. You have a complete repository for all data for that project, whether it be documents, images, emails or discussions.

In conclusion

Office365 is a powerful cloud-based application and if you have it you probably aren’t using it to its full potential. If you use it or you are interested in getting more out of it, contact us at Webcom Solutions. Pop over for a coffee and a chat and see the potential that this application can offer your business.

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