Business Continuity

Keeping your IT infrastructure running and your data on hand ensures that you can operate with confidence.

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Business Continuity


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How to Protect Your Business from Downtime and Data Loss

Downtime and data loss can be disastrous for any business. They can cause financial losses, customer dissatisfaction, reputation damage, and stress. That is why you need a reliable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure your critical systems are always available and secure.

A BCP is different from a backup. A backup only stores your data, but a BCP restores your data and your operations in the shortest time possible. A BCP also covers scenarios that a backup cannot, such as power outages, natural disasters, cyberattacks, and human errors.

To create an effective BCP, you need the help of a professional Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Webcom Solutions. We have the expertise and the tools to design and implement a comprehensive BCP that suits your business needs and budget. We partner with Datto, a leading provider of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions, to offer you the best protection for your data and systems.

With Webcom Solutions and Kaseya, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Fast recovery

We can restore your servers, files, and applications in minutes, not hours or days, using local and cloud backups.

Secure storage

We encrypt and store your data in multiple locations, including local devices and secure data centers, to prevent unauthorized access and data loss.

Internet continuity

We use Datto 4G LTE failover and failback Edge Routers to keep your Internet connection stable and uninterrupted, even if your primary provider goes down.

Cloud protection

We backup and recover your cloud-based SaaS applications, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, to prevent data loss from accidental deletion, ransomware, or sync errors.

Do not let downtime and data loss ruin your business. Contact Webcom Solutions today and let us help you create a BCP that will keep your business running smoothly and securely.

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