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Griffiths Coffee approached Webcom Solutions looking to migrate from on-premise applications to Cloud-based services, having already migrated to NetSuite for their accounting services.

They had significant hardware costs, multiple on-premise servers running Microsoft Exchange and many legacy applications. A complex VPN configured for regional branches required costly SSL certificates, not to mention an expensive maintenance agreement with a third-party software company.


Migrate on premise to cloud

Reduce IT costs.

Minimise downtime.

Simplify Infrastructure.

The project

Webcom Solutions investigated and recommended migrating all data to an Office 365 platform.

SharePoint Server included with their Office 365 subscription was utilised as a file share system. Security groups configured on the server-controlled access to documents on the SharePoint server.

On-premise security was managed by one Windows 2016 server running as a domain controller and simple file/print share server with all on-premise users synchronised with the cloud via Active Directory Sync.

Yearly maintenance costs were reduced by over 50%, and hardware management was diminished significantly via the reduction from four on-premise servers to just one.

Over one weekend, all email and data were transferred to Office365 Servers resulting in a seamless migration.

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Peter Patisteas, Director of Business at Griffiths is only too happy to talk about the Webcom Solutions experience. He can be reached via email at

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