Cloud Services

If you need help in making decisions on moving to the cloud or migrating your data. Webcom Solutions has the experience to make the transition and keep your data safe.

Cloud Services

Supporting you in the cloud

As businesses look to move their infrastructure to the cloud, sometimes the best decision is to outsource the planning, setup and maintenance of these services.

Webcom Solutions can help you get running in the cloud and configure your network equipment to ensure you always have access to your critical data.

If you need help migrating your data to the cloud, Webcom Solutions has the experience to set up the best cloud infrastructure.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Azure Managed Services

Cloud Backup

Hybrid IT Solutions

Cloud Migration


Managed Cloud Services

Webcom Solutions | Managed IT Services | Cloud Services​In the past decade, IT Infrastructure has changed rapidly, and most organisations have moved to the cloud. Every software as a Service (SaaS) platform needs additional work to keep security

With Webcom Solutions Managed cloud services, you can ensure that someone is there to help you make those difficult decisions when moving to the cloud.

As with on-premise products, cloud services require a robust and reliable data backup strategy. Many businesses believe that just because their data is in the cloud, it is backed up. This is not always the case. Webcom Solutions can provide both a reliable cloud backup solution as well as a complete disaster recovery solution.

Many larger organisations require hybrid solutions with on-premise hardware solutions that integrate with their cloud presence. Managing this diverse infrastructure can be difficult for most business owners. Webcom Solutions Managed Hybrid IT services can endure that you’re office and cloud services work seamlessly together.


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