SaaS Backup Solutions

Minimise downtime and quickly recover data after user errors, ransomware attacks, and more


SaaS Backup Solutions

Webcom Solutions want to ensure that your data is safe and secure, for this reason we offer SaaS protection for your business. Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, we can provide you with an easy to use SaaS backup solutions.

SaaS providers must maintain backups at various geolocations to ensure global availability and protect against natural disasters. BUT, businesses must act to protect data loss events – guarding against malware, hardware failures, and human error.

Automated, continuous backup

Fexible restore options

Easy to implement

Microsoft 365

Google Workspace


Webcom Solutions and Datto

Webcom Solutions | Managed Services | Virtual IT Helpdesk​Webcom Solutions have partnered with Datto, the world’s leading provider of Unified Continuity, Networking and Business Management Solutions.

Webcom Solutions technicians serve as guardians for any SMB IT infrastructure by delivering ongoing monitoring and management of infrastructure, website security, and office applications. Using Datto’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool, we are always in-tune with the health of your IT environment. Enterprise software that enables us to assess vulnerabilities continually. Webcom Solutions take a proactive approach to IT to avoid devastating impacts on your revenue and reputation that can result from cyberattacks or downtime.

Shifting your IT management over to an MSP can also render significant cost savings. Managed services are generally more cost-efficient than hiring a dedicated IT person. The knowledge and expertise of an MSP are typically superior. There are many SMB’s that pay under $1,000 a month for quality managed services.

Webcom Solutions use the best tools to ensure that we can provide the most comprehensive support for your business. We leverage the skills we have in the IT industry to ensure your data and infrastructure is safe.


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