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A case study of our IT services for a rebranded company

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Oasis Griffiths Group is a leading provider of coffee and cafe services in Australia. They recently underwent a major rebranding process that involved changing their name, logo, and domain. As part of this process, they needed to migrate all their email and data from their old Microsoft365 tenant to a new one whist ensuring minimal disruption to their business operations and communication. They also wanted to simplify their IT infrastructure by decommissioning their On-Premise Active Directory Server and migrating all their users to Entra ID, a cloud-based identity and access management solution that integrates with Microsoft365.

We were commissioned by Oasis Griffiths Group to handle this complex and time-sensitive project. We have extensive experience in providing IT services for Microsoft365, including tenant-to-tenant migration, data backup and recovery, security and compliance, and cloud integration. We also have a team of certified and skilled IT professionals who can deliver high-quality results within tight deadlines.

Our Approach 

We followed a four-step approach to complete the project successfully:

  • Planning and assessment: We conducted a thorough analysis of the current and desired state of the IT environment of the business. We identified the scope, requirements, risks, and challenges of the migration project. We also designed a detailed migration plan and timeline. This was communicated it to the stakeholders of Oasis Griffiths Group.
  • Preparation and configuration: We prepared the source and target Microsoft365 tenants for the migration. We configured the domain, DNS, and MX records, and verified the ownership of the new domain. We also set up the Entra ID service and synced it with the target Microsoft365 tenant. We created a backup of all the email and data in the source tenant and ensured that the users and groups were mapped correctly between the source and target tenants.
  • Execution and validation: We executed the migration of all the email and data from the source tenant to the target tenant, using a secure and reliable tool that preserves the integrity and permissions of the data. We also migrated the SharePoint sites and content and updated the links and references accordingly. We verified that the migration was completed successfully and that all the data was accessible and functional in the target tenant. We also tested the Entra ID service and confirmed that all the users were able to log in and access their Microsoft365 services with their new credentials.
  • Support and closure: We provided post-migration support and guidance to the users and administrators of Oasis Griffiths Group. We helped them with the configuration of their email clients, mobile devices, and applications. We also resolved any issues or queries that they had regarding the migration. We documented the migration process, outcomes and delivered a comprehensive report to the stakeholders of Oasis Griffiths Group. We also decommissioned the On-Premise Active Directory Server and removed the source tenant from the Microsoft365 subscription.

Our results

We successfully completed the migration project within the agreed timeframe and budget. We helped Oasis Griffiths Group achieve the following benefits:

  • A smooth and seamless transition to a new Microsoft365 tenant that reflects their new brand identity and domain.
  • A secure and reliable backup and recovery of all their email and data, with no loss or corruption of data.
  • A simplified and streamlined IT infrastructure that reduces the maintenance and operational costs and risks.
  • An enhanced security and compliance of their IT environment, with Entra ID providing a single sign-on and multi-factor authentication solution for their Microsoft365 services.
  • An improved user experience and productivity, with no downtime or disruption to their business communication and collaboration.

We are proud to have delivered a high-quality IT service to Oasis Griffiths Group, and to have helped them achieve their rebranding goals and objectives. We look forward to working with them again in the future, and to providing them with ongoing support and maintenance for their Microsoft365 environment.