A Virtual IT Department for your business with Webcom Solutions Managed Services.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Webcom Solutions provide three structured levels of managed services depending on the requirements of your business. We offer essential managed services for small businesses to professional plans for medium enterprises. Custom-built plans are also available. For more information,  contact us at Webcom Solutions.

What you get from Managed Services

Webcom Solutions can help your business with any IT requirements. Whether it be infrastructure setup to emergency after-hours support, we have you covered. We work closely with you, the business owner to develop a custom managed IT strategy. Webcom Solutions using Datto’s Enterprise MSP Platform can be your partner and maintain your IT environment.

24/7 Monitoring of your network

Using the latest tools, we monitor and manage your infrastructure 24/7. We resolve IT issues promptly to minimise business interruptions.

Unlimited Remote Support

All of our Managed Services packages offer unlimited remote support. Simply log a request  and our engineers will resolve your issues efficiently.

Premium Ticketing System

Webcom Solutions use a premium ticketing system that ensures that we address all of your problems rapidly. Check the status of your ticket at any time.

Security Awareness Training

Avoid many malicious attacks on your network if your staff know what to avoid. We provide security awareness training to minimise risk.

Monthly Executive Report

Webcom Solutions provide you with a monthly report on your network. Get peace of mind knowing you are getting value for money.

Technology Adoption Sessions

IT changes quickly, and new products are released often.  Webcom Solutions train your staff and show them how to collaborate more efficiently.

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You are in expert hands

Webcom Solutions have an open door policy. We are lucky enough to catch up with our clients for a chat and coffee regularly. I think this is one of the things that separates us from other Managed Service businesses. We are contactable and always answer/return calls promptly. We have never lost a client and have remained on excellent terms with all of the people we have provided services. After all, what is a business without happy customers!


Please see below for a managed IT services FAQ Below we answer some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

What does a managed service provider do?

A managed services provider or MSP is a company external to your business responsible for providing IT services. An MSP proactively works to maintain technology in your organisation. Webcom Solutions offer remote IT support, premium services, and work closely with you to develop business continuity solutions.  A quality MSP is your virtual IT department that allows you to concentrate on business.

What are the benefits of managed services?

MSP Service Contracts enable you to budget your IT costs more effectively. Working with an MSP improves your organisation by allowing your staff to focus on their work. An MSP is proactive, anticipating problems and has the resources to fix many issues before they happen. For a predictable, ongoing fee, managed services enable your business to have quality support without having a team of IT professionals on your staff.

What industries do you work with?

We are proud to have customers and expertise in most industries. Whether your organisation is Retail, Professional Services, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Hospitality or Not for Profit, Webcom Solutions have experience in your industry. With expertise in running projects in multiple sectors, we are ready to help. We are happy to provide references from businesses in your industry.

Why do I a need Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster isn’t a disaster until it happens. A well designed IT Disaster Recovery plan is no different than the insurance you buy for your business. Even one hour of downtime can cost your business in lost productivity and reputation. People make mistakes, IT hardware fails, and life is unpredictable. Ensure you are ready for any disaster with a well-designed Disaster Recovery plan from Webcom Solutions.

What are my support options?

Webcom Solutions are open to any support option. A monthly fee, a monthly per-user fee or a monthly per-device fee. We offer non-contractual onsite support services backed by helpdesk support for your staff, right through to fully managed support services paid monthly. We are happy to provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs. Webcom Solutions pride themselves on their flexibility.

Why would I want to pay a monthly fee?

The Break-Fix or pay-as-you-go model is when an organisation calls an IT service provider to fix a single problem. The provider usually goes onsite, and repairs the issue, then sends a bill for their time. The process rewards IT companies when things fail. This model expects the Managed Service provider to provide business continuity. It is in the best interest of both companies to maintain a reliable and robust network.

What are Managed Services?


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