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Webcom Solutions: SharePoint Intranet Development and Supply – Skin Health Institute

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How we helped our client create a modern and efficient intranet platform using SharePoint

Webcom Solutions is a provider of SharePoint solutions, offering end-to-end services from design and development to deployment and maintenance. We have extensive experience in creating customized intranet platforms that meet the specific needs and goals of our clients.

One of our recent projects involved developing and supplying a SharePoint intranet for the Skin Health Institute.  The Not-for-Profit Organisation wanted to improve internal communication, collaboration, and productivity. The client had an outdated and fragmented intranet system that was difficult to use and manage and did not support their remote and mobile workforce. They needed a modern and user-friendly intranet that would integrate with their existing systems and applications. The requirement also needed to provide a secure and centralized platform for sharing information and resources.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and expectations, and to design a SharePoint intranet solution that would suit their needs and budget. We followed an agile and iterative approach, delivering the project in phases and incorporating feedback and changes along the way. We used the latest SharePoint features and technologies, such as SharePoint Online, SharePoint Framework, and Power Automate, to create a responsive and dynamic intranet that would work across different devices and browsers.

  • We developed a modern and attractive intranet homepage that displayed relevant content for each user, such as news, announcements, events, tasks, and documents.
  • We created a rich and interactive intranet portal that included various sites and pages for different departments, teams, and projects, allowing users to easily access and manage their workspaces and content.
  • We implemented a powerful and intuitive search function that enabled users to quickly find and retrieve information and documents from the intranet and other sources, such as OneDrive, Teams, and Outlook.
  • We integrated the intranet with the client’s existing systems and applications, such as Active Directory and Microsoft365 ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience and data flow.
  • We configured and customized the intranet’s security and permissions, ensuring that only authorized users could access and edit sensitive and confidential information and documents.
  • We provided training and support to the client’s staff and administrators, helping them to adopt and use the intranet effectively and efficiently.

The Results

The SharePoint intranet we developed and supplied for the client was a success, delivering the following benefits and outcomes:

  • The client’s staff and managers reported improved communication, collaboration, and productivity, as they could easily share and access information and resources from anywhere and anytime.
  • The client’s intranet usage and engagement increased significantly, as the users found the intranet to be user-friendly, relevant, and useful.
  • The client’s intranet administration and maintenance became easier and faster, as the intranet was built on a robust and scalable platform that could be easily updated and managed.
  • The client’s intranet security and compliance improved, as the intranet was protected by the latest SharePoint and Microsoft365 security features and policies.

Webcom Solutions is proud to have delivered a SharePoint intranet solution that met and exceeded the client’s expectations, and that helped them achieve their business objectives and goals. We continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance to the client, ensuring that their intranet remains up-to-date and functional.