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For those businesses looking at a new website or an upgrade, there is often differing opinion on how complex a site has to be. For most small businesses, the main purpose of your website is no more than being a digital business card. A simple way to showcase your work. No more, no less.

A simple, well designed website with quality content and imagery will suffice. We often advise our clients to spend a little less on the website design and more on quality, original photography to showcase their business.

Some business owners may need some further customisation, such as a shopping cart or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Webcom can also help with this.

In the infancy of website design, a client would typically get a graphic designer to design an excellent looking website, then get a web developer to build the site as per the specifications provided. While these sites looked great, they were often slow to load and difficult to maintain due to the way they were developed.

For a small to medium business, a website does not need to be complicated. Its only goal is to get people to call/email you or to make a purchase online. Google is focussing now on fast loading websites that look great on all devices. We have spent hours perfecting the development of sites that do just this. Light on code, fully optimised images.

We also offer packages to update and maintain your website for a small fee. This can be a monthly arrangement or a pay per update.

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