You my have heard about Intranets before, and maybe you always thought they were something that only big business used. In simple terms, an Intranet is an Internal website that helps your employees get things done.

We can create Intranet portals for different sections of your business. A Human Resources portal for timesheets, leave requests or OH & S documentation.

Cut down on paper use with document libraries for important documents. These can be secured so only authorised users can access the documents that are assigned to them whilst hiding sensitive executive documents. Scan your archived documents into an easily searchable document library for easy access at a later date.  With versioning enabled in your SharePoint library, you can store, track, and restore files in the Intranet whenever they change.  Collaborate with other staff in the organisation using the built in Project application hosted in Office365. Get a global overview of the tasks happening in your business.

With the advent of cloud computing, this technology is now available to small to medium businesses. For those that use Office365, you have the infrastructure already in place to easily collaborate with your staff.  You just need to know how.  With staff members working out of the office more and more, on all kinds of devices, secure access to documents and resources from everywhere is becoming an important factor in your business.

Webcom have developed custom Intranets for clients of all sizes. Whether you need to access documents, fill in time sheets or publish rosters, things that were traditionally done on paper, can now be done on any digital device with an Internet connection.

Engage with your employees with a cleverly designed Intranet page. Talk to us at Webcom Solutions for a demonstration of some of the work we have done.

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